1. How do I select a package?

Users can select by clicking on Packages links either in the top menu or on links in the footer menu.

Four types of packages are available. Each package has set of pages and options.

Users can choose the package as they wish and pay online to avail the package.

2. How can I access the membership’s free Collection Sets?

Some of the membership plans have some extra pages, as a Collection Set for special themes or occasions, like a birthday celebration, or for festivals like Christmas.

To access your free Collection Set/s or purchased Collections Set/s

Click on 'Collection Sets' on the yellow tab bar.

Click on the 'My Collection Pages' underneath.

Your Collection Set/s pages will be here.


3. How can I access the membership’s free bonuses?

Some of the membership packages have a set of free bonuses, like eBooks, or posters. By clicking Edit Profile page, under parent login, a user can click on My Ebooks, Ezines, Audios, and Free Bonuses tab, to download.

4. How do I renew a membership package?

To renew the package, a user has to click on Name in the top right corner, where submenus will list options to select.

In these options “Membership Package Renewal / Upgrade” will be available. The user can click on this & make the payment for renewal of package, and it will be renewed successfully.

5. How do I upgrade to another package?

To upgrade, a user has to click on Name in the top right corner, where submenus will list options.

In that click on “Membership Package Renewal / Upgrade” & proceed to upgrade the package by choosing any of the packages from the available list.

6. How can a parent login and edit the profile?

The Parent can login using the registered email id and password.

After login, the parent can do the below activities:

  • Create a child user login

  • Select age group

  • View the child's work

  • Update profile

  • Change user name or password

7. How do I create a child user login?

To create child user login, click on profile name in top menu. See in the menu - “Manage / Add Your Child Users” and then click on it, to create / edit / delete a child user from here.

From here, by clicking the edit action, the parent can Reset Child Password, also set the Active From and Active Until period.

In the Manage Child Users list, parents can make use of the Active / Inactive buttons to directly activate/inactivate the child user.

8. How can a parent select a suitable age group?

In the Manage Child Users page, parents can click on the edit action.

Then in edit child user page, the parent can choose a suitable age group for each child:

  • 0-2 years
  • 2-5 years
  • 5-8 years
  • 8-10 years
  • 10-12+ years

The age group that is suitable for each child varies as all children are different in their growth and upbringings.

So you may like to select more than one age group at a time for your child.

9. How can I view my child’s work?

Click on “View Your Child's Activities” submenu found in parent login.

The parent can view each child’s last 5 activities. Activities are like login, page design, log out, etc.

10. How can I update my profile?

Parents can update their own profile using “Edit Profile Menu” found in the profile dropdown menu.

Under edit, profile system has 3 types of information:

1. User Profile

    Here the parents can update basic profile details and also change their password.

2. Package Information

    Here the parent can view their package information, like package name, price, maximum number child users, free bonus, collection set and all types of page details.

3. My Ebooks, Ezines, Audios and Free Bonuses

    Under the Education menu system comes a set of Articles, Ebooks, Ezines and audios. If any of these are available under your activated membership package as a free bonus, or if parents have brought directly, the details will be listed here. Users can directly download the same.