21. How do I undo or redo images or text?

The Parent / Child can undo or redo their recent activities, like updating text, or adding an image, or drawing etc.

Using the undo button, they can go one step back.

Using redo function, the user can go back again one step to what was previous.


22. How do I cut and paste images or text?

The Parent / Child can cut the drawing, text, image or whatever they have designed and paste it elsewhere.

The user can select the particular image/text/drawing and then click the cut button. It will be removed from scribble pad and using the paste function, they can again paste that in the scribble pad, wherever required.

23. How do I delete images?

The Parent / Child can select the particular drawing, shape, added image, text and click delete. The system will ask for confirmation. On confirmation, the system will remove the particular object from the scribble pad.

24. How do I clear images and text?

By using the clear button, the Parent / Child can clear the recently updated images or text. This means that whatever are unsaved, will be clear from the screen, to load only the latest saved work from the system.

25. How do I go back to start?

The Parent / child user can clear all images and can start afresh with the design. If users like they can also click ‘back to start’.

26. What if I click the Back button?

If the Parent / Child clicks on ‘back’ button in the top menu, the system will redirect users from scribble pad to My Pages list.

27. What happens if I click the Home button?

If the Parent / Child user clicks on home page, it will redirect user to home page.

28. What does the Save button do?

Any Parent / Child user can save the updates of any action in the system, by clicking on the Save button.

29. What does the My Pages menu offer?

After logging in, under ‘Make Your Own Book’ menu, select a page, from Life Pages, Design Pages, etc. The user can then view the menu of each page. Selects the 'My Pages' menu and then click on it. The user can now view the list of selected pages.

30. Adding your selected pages to my pages area?

When Parent/child selects a new page, it will be automatically added under 'My pages' in each page type.