31. Proceeding a page to the scribble pad?

When parent / child clicks on their select page under my pages a pop up will open. The user needs to add a name for their chosen page or if needed, the user can edit the previous given name and clicks “Update & Proceed to scribble pad”

32. Updating or adding to your page work?

By using the "select" under my pages parent/ child can edit their old scribble pad work and update the design and name.

33. How do I make a book?

Making a book

A Parent / Child can make his or her own book on the site.

Go to the “My Gallery” menu and select a sub-menu called “My Book Gallery”. The user can click on it, which will redirect to a list at the book gallery page.

Here the user has the option to create the book using the “Create New Book” option, it can create a book with the below details entered:

  • Book Name

  • Book Category

  • Description

  • Front Cover

  • Back Cover

NOTE: Before creating the book a user needs to create the front and back covers too.

34. How do I add covers to a book?

Listed under 'Make Your Own Book' is ‘My Book Covers’.

The user can select the 'Front Cover' or 'Back Cover' page and create their design.

In the ‘Add Book’ menu the user can choose their made 'Front Cover' and 'Back Cover' design.

Also, by using edit the user can change the front and back covers of their book under ‘My Book Gallery’.

35. How do I re-order page sequences of my book?

Under My Book Gallery, each book page has a “Manage Pages” function. When the user clicks on it, it will redirect to a new page which will show all the pages on the screen. When the user clicks on “Reorder Pages” on the particular page, the users can drag the page to change the order of pages. Once changed, the user needs to click “Save Ordering” to save all the changes and the order. Also on this page, the user can add new pages.

36. How do I publish my book?

In My Book Gallery, the system has the option to publish the book. When the user clicks on the ‘Publish’ button, the system will ask for confirmation, like “Are you sure want to publish the book?”.

NOTE: To publish the e-book requires a minimum of 4 pages to added. After publishing the book the system will NOT allow to recorder or add new pages.

37. Can I share my book?

Parents can share the book with their family and friends.

When the user clicks on ‘Share’, a pop-up will open, in which the user can enter the email. When the user clicks on ‘Share’, the e-book link will be emailed to the email ID entered.

38. Can I download my book?

If the membership selected allows, parents can download the e-book as a PDF, using the ‘Download’ button in My Book Galley page.

39. How can I select the Gallery Skin?

When the user clicks on Gallery Skins under the ‘Make your own book’ menu, it will list all the gallery skins. When the Parent / Child login, they can select the Gallery Skin using the Select button.

40. How can I add or change a Gallery Skin?

A Parent / Child can set the selected / uploaded Gallery Skin under the page “My Gallery Skins”.

When user clicks on “My Gallery”, a drop down menu will open and in that when the user clicks on “My Gallery Skins”, it will redirect to list page. In this list page, users can see list of pages selected or uploaded gallery skins. Here there is an option - “set as background”. When user clicks on this option, the selected gallery skin will apply as background.