Getting Over a Creative Block — Helping Your Child Find That Creative Spark!

Created Date : March 10, 2020

Children, by nature, are creative, innovative souls!

For them, the world is their oyster and they’re the explorer, never to be hindered by any challenge, and always coming out on top as the victor. But we forget that children do not run on never-ending energy, despite what we may think as parents!

Sooner or later, it starts petering out. School, personal lives, stress—there’s so much that causes their innate spark to burn out. And that’s why you should be concerned.

According to a study by NASA, 96 percent of adults are less creative than they were back in their childhood. And that’s because when that spark went out for us, our parents didn’t recognize the signs—until it was too late.

So let’s take the right steps to ensure that our children are able to get over this creative block!

Here’s What You Should Do

- Don’t Force it

Creativity is not a controllable ability! It ebbs and flows. So don’t force it. Every time you lose steam and are desperately trying to bring it back, you’ll only pressure yourself and make things worse.

If your child is not feeling creative, don’t force them into doing creative activities with the hope that this will flip the switch back on. Their creative supply is depleted. Accept it.

-  Make a Creative Environment

Not to sound too much like a jaded baby boomer, but the truth is (and this is backed by science!) that due to excessive exposure to the internet, children’s creative thinking is being suppressed. However, all is not lost. Another study suggests that children become more creative during playtime and when they actually use creative online programs. So give your kids access to such tools.

Instead of sitting them down with a tablet, take time out and allow your children to harness their creative skills by using the right techniques and aids. Me Keepsis a popular online journaling tool for children for this very reason.

We let kids make their own digital keepsake books, which lets them be as creative as they want. For you, using such a memory keeping tool would be the perfect step in the right direction.

- Try Something New for Inspiration

Go for a trip to the park, the museum or the beach. Take a page from MeKeeps with you and let them fill it in with every little detail they see. Not just for children, but a change of scenery can be very cleansing for adults as well.

New experiences, perspectives and sensations can do a world of good for all. And if that doesn’t work, dream big. Sometimes, you need a good trip to get the ol’ creative juices flowing.

Take the Chance!

The fact that they aren’t feeling creative may send your kid into panic mode. Calm them down and let them know that together, you’ll both get through this. Then have fun with different ideas. It’ll get better!