GOOD Day or BAD Day?

Created Date : August 15, 2020

What morning influences decide whether you have a GOOD day or a BAD day?


Do your bathroom scales put you in a bad mood?

Is spilling coffee down your shirt the start of a bad day?

What about when your child can't find their other shoe?

Or they can't find their homework that you told them to put in their school bag the night before?

Maybe your car keys aren't where you left them...


Often how your day starts is how it tends to be throughout. 

So its important to build upon the influences and thoughts that led to a positive start to the day and not to immerse yourself in the negative influences and thoughts. 


What influences the start of your child's day?

Do you know?

If you do know then that is good news!

Because you CAN change those negative influences to a positive and enhance the positive influences that are already there!


If you don't know... that's okay.

Take notice over the next few days. 

Watch and look at their actions, behaviors and emotions within their morning movements.

What is influencing them?

What is triggering them?


Then its just a matter of putting more engagement, attention and enthusiasm in to the positive influences and less engagement and attention in to the negative influences. 


Set your child up for a successful start to their days by being organized and having a routine.


Starting your day off good is a choice and will usually lead to a good day!


And remember....

You CAN still change the way you feel about your day anytime you choose no matter the start!