Creating a Keepsake: How to Start a Family Tradition!

Created Date : January 7, 2020

A holiday commemorating merriment, love, and family, Christmas is the time of year when people come together to celebrate pure joy and happiness.

But for many, this holiday does not hold the same importance. Perhaps it’s a reminder of bad moments or stressful times, or maybe it stems from nothing tying them to the celebration—like special traditions or family plans. And that’s something we need to change.

Starting a New Tradition Family traditions aren’t fodder for sentimental stories; they’re an important component of healthy familial connections.

Now, if you’re a skeptic, you might scoff. But we have proof! According to multiple studies , family traditions do so much more than improve emotional connections and bring happiness.

They’re designed to create a sense of closeness, and through that, lasting bonds and togetherness.

If this is something you want to incorporate in your holiday festivities for your family, here’s how you can get started.

Take Inspiration from the Past! Was there something you did as a child that you want to bring back? Do it! It’s as simple as that! 

Let your memories be your guide. Whether it’s making cinnamon rolls with grandma or hosting the annual family Monopoly competition come Christmas Eve, there’s really no stopping you. If it was something that involved the extended family, go big on the comeback! 

Make E-vites and have everyone come over for a potluck Christmas dinner.

Start Simple Running low on good ideas? Then choose something basic, like decorating the tree or even choosing one yourself. If you want to cut your own tree, but the family wants to buy it, come up with a compromise.

Even wearing matching PJs on Christmas morning isn’t so bad!

At Me Keeps, families use our memory keeping books as digital keepsakes.

Each year, children make their OWN books on how they enjoyed the holidays, and look forward to filling out their online journals. This is a great tradition that you can take up.

Be Open to Change There are no rules that say you can’t change things up a little bit!

Older kids want to get in on the memory keeping idea? Let them.

Younger ones want to try their hands at Monopoly? The more the merrier. Be flexible and open to new ideas.


Let your children experiment and contribute their share to the family tradition.

Let people be creative with their thoughts.

It’s all about bringing the family together, at the end of the day.

Are You Ready?

Having something simple as a keepsake can make all the difference if you’ve been feeling a lack of connection among your family.

Take advantage of the holiday season this year and begin your own merry family traditions!