You ARE a beautiful Soul!

Created Date : October 8, 2022

You ARE a beautiful soul!


The MORE you see that you are a beautiful soul; the MORE you are being a shining example to YOUR child!


Beautiful souls are everywhere you look when you are looking through your heart!


Why is it then, that when many people look in the mirror, they do not see beautiful?

Many people do not even see acceptable...

People are often the most critical of themselves.

- Are you a lover of self?

- Or are you a critic of self?


Your life is experienced through your views and beliefs!

But many people choose to have a view or belief that makes them feel bad, that makes them feel unworthy.


Change your life by taking the time to make a conscious choice to see that you ARE beautiful, that you ARE worthy!

Look in the mirror and start looking at all the greatness that is within you!


And remember this…

When you FEEL good; your day FEELS good, your life FEELS good!


Make a conscious choice to see the beautiful within your own soul and reap the better FEELINGS!


Acknowledging the beauty of your own beautiful soul shows your child that they are also a beautiful soul of tremendous worth!


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