Unconditional Acts of Kindness and YOUR child!

Created Date : December 25, 2022

We ALL love and appreciate acts of kindness in our lives, don't we?


I am NOT talking about conditional acts of kindness...

I am talking about UNCONDITIONAL acts of kindness!


For this discussion I am going to talk about the good feelings of worthiness your child can FEEL when the act of kindness is done with UNCONDITIONAL love of the heart.


Unconditional acts of kindness means doing the act of kindness by FREE choice!

- They are NOT done because you should or because you must.

- They are NOT done to make yourself look good to others.

- Unconditional acts of kindness have NO outside reasons or ulterior motives.

- Unconditional acts of kindness feel good... so VERY good for your heart, and for your soul.

- They do NOT drain you of energy.

- If your act of kindness has left you with any negative feeling; then your act of kindness had conditions upon it.


Obliviously we want our children to grow up with love and joy in their hearts and lives right?

We are wanting our children to be thoughtful, helpful, and kind…


So, what is the BEST way of teaching your child to be thoughtful, helpful, and kind?

**By being their BIGGEST prime example!**

You ARE your child's BIGGEST mirror and influencer, especially in their younger years!

- Have a look at your own life.

- Look at your ideas, beliefs and attitude towards kindness.

- Look at your own behaviour and interactions towards others.


When helping others:

- Do you have conditions?

- What are your thoughts?

- What are your emotions?

- What are your expectations?

- Are you coming away feeling good or drained?

- Do you have to point out your good deeds to others for confirmation of worthiness?

- Are you always volunteering because you feel guilty if you don't?

 - Are you pushing your child against their choice to do that act of kindness?


So how do you get your child to become a LOVER of acts of unconditional kindness?

By showing and sharing how great your heart and soul feels after YOUR unconditional act of kindness!


No one really likes someone helping them who has conditions on their help!

Someone who is being huffy and puffy while helping you leaves an unpleasant feeling behind.


Be HAPPY and EASY in the moments before, during and after your unconditional act of kindness!

That is the way you leave a pleasant good feeling of love as you go.


We ALL prefer to interact with and to be around those unconditional loving types of people more right?

Look at the people who you value and enjoy being with the most; the people in your life who are light and easy...

Usually the people who you LIKE being around the most tend to be the people who bring no or little conditions with them.


Of course, you do not want you or your child to be taken advantage of…

There should always be a loving WIN/WIN for both parties in ALL interactions!

They get the help and your heart feels good!

An example of a win/lose conditional act of kindness is when you are feeling obligated rather than from choice.

This is going to drain you after a period of time and leave you feeling low.


So, to recap:

1. LOOK at your acts of kindness... are they conditional or unconditional?

2. REMEMBER.... Your child is ALWAYS watching and learning from you!

3. Discuss BOTH yours and your child's acts of kindness and the feelings that come from the act of kindness as well as the feelings going into the act of kindness.


A GOOD rule of thumb is:

If your act of kindness ONLY feels good, both before and after; then it is UNCONDITIONAL.

If it DOESN'T feel good or if you are needing to use it to look good; then your act of kindness is CONDITIONAL.



There are MANY ways to encourage your child towards doing acts of kindness, so spend some time researching ones that suit you and your child best!


Also check out our kindness pages here at MeKeeps.com


May YOUR life be filled with the LOVE of unconditional acts of kindness 😊