Your Child's Memory Bank!

Created Date : January 11, 2023

Your child's memory bank is filled with EMOTIONAL MOMENTS!


We do not always remember event details or complete interactions with people....

But we DO remember how we felt emotionally at that point of time!


Most of all, we DO remember the IMPACTING emotional moments from our life events and from our interactions with other people!

It is the emotional response at the time of the memory that is largely impacted into our memory bank!

Sometimes what we remember, of what actually happened or what was actually said, is CHANGED through our emotional perception over time.


Remember back to your own childhood....

It is YOUR emotional memory moments that stand out!

These banked emotional memories are made up of BOTH the good memories and the bad memories!


Your memory bank is the foundation you can build your happy and fun life from or which you can build your sad and unfair life from.

It is our retainment and our perception of these emotional memories that our life events and interactions are filtered and influenced through.


We get a continuation of the same emotions and outcomes until we CHANGE our perception!

It is your memory bank management system that decides what stays and is built upon, what gets regurgitated and what gets discarded.

- What emotional memories are you pulling from your past?

- What emotional memories are you building upon?

- Are they GOOD feeling, inspiring memories?

- Or are they BAD feeling, limiting memories?

- Do you build upon the GOOD memories?

- Or do you build upon the BAD memories?

Either is a choice!

Either is YOUR choice!


Emotional memories led to emotional thoughts!

Those emotional thoughts then get built upon further by you until they become YOUR life!

Have you turned your emotional memories into a story that IS serving you?

Or have you turned your emotional memories into a story that IS NOT serving you?


So lastly.... think about this:

Are you giving your child the type of memories that you WANT them to bank and build upon?


We are here to help you with your child's memory banking and have your child reap benefits that can last their lifetime!