Compliments ARE Beneficial!

Created Date : March 12, 2021

Compliments ARE beneficial, not just a nice gesture!


Compliments can give you that 'feel' good factor, but the giving of a compliment can often be far more beneficial than you realize.

Compliments gives the other person something good to focus on and can create positive thoughts about themselves; especially when they are feeling low or in a dark place.

And of course, it gives you a chance to shine heart on to others!


We all like a to be complimented right?

Well almost all of us do....

There are those people who feel that they do not deserve compliments.

These people are usually the ones who need it the most because they are likely feeling a lack of self-worth!


It is easy to give compliments out, but you should only be doing so when they are truthful and meaningful!


A great compliment is made from the TRUTH!

Pick something upon the recipient that is genuine and positive.

The compliment could be about something simple such as you like their outfit, their shoes, their smile, or their hair.

Or maybe the compliment could be about their abilities and skills as a parent, their punctuality, their, fixing of items, problem solving.


The BEST compliments tend to be about something deeper and more impacting such as their kindness, creativity, patience, humour, enthusiasm, strength, honesty, understanding or helpfulness.


Teach your child the benefit of complimenting others with genuine truth and have them reap the rewards!


Have a discussion with your child about how they felt about it and what they think their recipient felt.


Check out our pages for insights on the deep and impacting parts of your child at


With your encouragement, your child will be making the world a better place throughout their life!