The Benefits

9 out of 10 child experts say that the child writing down their thoughts, views and feelings is the best kind of therapy for self awareness!

Here are some of the GREAT benefits of using our pages:
Positively themed
Builds confidence 
Processes emotions 
Brings out more self awareness
Can give you the parent insight into your child's thinking and concerns
Enhances imagination 
Brings out creativity 
Helps form new ideas and concepts
Promotes different thinking skills
Develops problem solving skills 
Discover more about themselves
Helps release and process emotional which can lower anxiety and stress
Can put your child into a state of mindfulness, where your negative experiences don’t seem quite so earth-shattering
Gives your child a positive and healthy way to express themselves WITHOUT fear of doing it “wrong”
You can share your books with self chosen others
Interesting and fun - especially to look back on their books in the coming years
Kids have a lot of potential!
We want to help build your child confidence and unlock their amazing potential!

Often, when parents tell their kids that they are extraordinary, they do not always realise it.
Most parents don't have either the time or skills needed to help their chid unlock that potential.

Our membership website is designed to help children discover who they are, learn how to overcome obstacles, and unlock their amazing potential – through the fun Life Pages, Imagination Pages, Comic Pages, Story Pages, Design Pages and much more!

We give your child a positive and healthy way to express themselves WITHOUT fear of doing it “wrong”!
Many parents have told me that they would love for their child to have something that helps them express how they're actually feel about the things that are happening in their life.
That it would greatly help them, as parents, to be able to understand what their child is thinking or concerned about.

MeKeeps has many fun pages that will give YOU the parent insight into your child's thoughts, views and concerns.

These pages can help your child to process the many ups and downs of their life and build their self-confidence!
So why would YOUR child want to be part of MeKeeps?
Because not only is it fun for them - its also about their most favorite subject... THEMSELVES and their life!

MeKeeps will take your child on a journey of self-discovery!

And BEST of all....
Your child's unique memories, moments, imagination, views and thoughts will become PRICELESS TREASURED books for future generations to look back on!

                             SO.... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?