I am very pleased we joined MeKeeps! My son is now spending most of his spare time on his pages instead of the playstation. We have already turned one of the comic books he created into a hardcopy book, which he has been taking to school with him every day.

Johnny B | New Zealand | Papamoa | October 1, 2019

We made a hard copy of one of my son’s books and it now has prime spot on our coffee table! The confidence boost he gets from visitors reading it is priceless!

Tina W | United States | California | Los Angeles | October 16, 2019

I have only recently joined your unlimited membership but I am already having heaps of fun with my grandchildren making pages and memories! They have created 8 books so far! What great value for money!

Bob C | New Zealand | Auckland | December 17, 2019

Some of my child’s answers to some of the mum pages was an eye opener! Honestly, I was hoping I would be better portrayed…. But it has shown me a lot of insight into my child, which has improved our relationship greatly. This understanding is worth gold! So, it’s a big thank you from me.

Alison S | New Zealand | Christchurch | April 25, 2020